Spiegel Family, 2007 in review


Greetings friends and neighbors!
Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas


Here's wishing you a safe, happy and healthy 2008!!



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Well friends, you may have noticed that we missed our update last year so we’ll have to cover two year this time! Well, maybe not – I can’t remember that far back. The reason we missed the update last December is my father died. After almost a four year s he lost his battle with cancer. He died December 31, 2006. I just celebrated his yahrzeit, if you’re interested in my thoughts check out my blog entry.





While we’re on the topic of fathers, Kelly’s dad  died November 9th of this year. Is there a theme  here?! Jim also had cancer. While his funeral was shortly afterward in Jonesboro, Arkansas, his internment is January 7th at Arlington National Cemetery. It’s been a rough year.




Kelly, Hannah and our ‘adopted’ daughter Claire


Kelly continues leading seminars for Landmark Education. She’s also worked hard on her artwork, which you can check out on her website, Until recently she was featured in a Charlevoix, Michigan gallery. Unfortunately, thanks to the Michigan economy the gallery has closed. She recently had a showing in the Indianapolis Art Center’s Day of the Dead exhibit. She actually did a display of my father’s life. The exhibit at the Art Center is closed but will be part of a showing of Kelly’s work this summer at the Indianapolis Jewish Community Center, along with her other paintings. Kelly begins a new job teaching art at the Indiana School for the Blind (there’s a great joke there but I’ll keep it to myself).


I’m still with the Center for Congregations. We’re no longer the Indianapolis Center for Congregations since we’re now operating statewide. I’m also still working as the rabbi for Butler University and Butler University Hillel. Synagogue 3000 has really made a difference in American Jewry and I’m glad to be part of the work. I still haven’t finished my doctorate, but am back at work on it and have every expectation of finishing – some time this decade! I’m now blogging regularly,


Open cockpit plan ride at Sun ‘N Fun 2007


Hannah at Carnegie Deli in New York

Hannah is a sophomore at North Central High school and – ready for this – driving. She took driver’s ed this summer and just hasn’t taken the final tests. She’s hoping to do that over winter break. I’m glad to say she’s not in a big hurry and doing well in school is more important. Speaking of doing well, she’s been on high honor roll since she began and has a 3.7 GPA (I can’t help but kvelling).


The biggest adjustment in our family is Eli’s foray into regular school. He started 8th grade this year – the ominous Middle School experience. It was actually Hannah’s idea and he’s doing fabulous. He’s getting almost all A’s – who’s kids are these? Backing up a little, Eli’s bar mitzvah was in February of 2007. He was outstanding, and I’m totally unbiased.



Eli running the Tivo at grandma’s – he’s so talented


Gabe’s graduation from Hebrew school – with honors!



Gabey man is the last one to break the Aaron barrier, i.e. he’s now taller than me. Well, all the kids are taller than me. Gabe’s the last one at home and will be on his way to 8th grade next year. He’s working on preparing for his bar mitzvah this April. His brother and sister set the bar pretty high but he’s definitely his ‘own man’ and I have no worries about his success.




All three of the kids are now campers at Camp Palawopec. This last summer Hannah was a counselor in training, which means she works and I pay for her to work for them. This coming summer she’ll be a junior counselor, which means I pay half tuition for her to work for them! While away at camp Kelly and I actually took a trip – by ourselves! It was just a weekend in Madison, Indiana but was so great we’re going to do it again (the trip by ourselves part!).


That’s it for 2007, and the Spiegel’s are glad to see this year end. We wish all our friends a happy, healthy, prosperous, enriching 2008. May all your dreams come true!


Aaron, Kelly, Hannah, Eli, Gabe