Hannah Spiegel Wins Big Award for her Artwork

Indianapolis Arts Center

art center logo.gif (21564 bytes)

hannah_pic.jpg (34145 bytes) Hannah with her award winning picture, "The Stallion"
winner.jpg (34128 bytes) In case you can't read this, it says, "Judge's Personal Favorite, Youth Division." That's not just one age group mind you, that's all youths (through age 16) - Personal Favorite - got it? Did I stress it was the judges "PERSONAL FAVORITE" of all the entries? Am I gushing, am I proud, you bet your butts.
award1.jpg (33816 bytes) A pretty wimpy certificate for such a prestigious award, but there were gifts also.
award2.jpg (10679 bytes) From the award envelope.

If you live in Indianapolis or are within a 200 mile radius, you can visit the Indianapolis Arts Center and see Hannah's work. As you enter the building, turn down the left hall, her's is 1/4 of the way down on the right. You might as well check out the other winners while you're there!