Imagine a community where people are fully expressed and their lives are enhanced through Art.  Where children and young adults are as free and encouraged to choose a career in art as they are in business.  What would be possible in this community?

  • Artists and their work would be highly prized and art would be seen as a contribution to and an expression of the entire community.
  • Individual artists and art programs would be well funded and encouraged by the community.
  • Each child who has interest and talent in the arts would have the opportunity to apprentice with a professional artist.
  • Community members would be free to express themselves artistically, whether as a hobby or a career.

In such a community, art would be seen and understood as an enriching and essential part of life and as an attainable attribute and skill, not as a separate activity that only professional artists should undertake.

Such a community does not exist yet, but you, the practicing artists of the Indianapolis area, who live the commitment to artistic expression, can take a step now to create such a community closer to existence by agreeing to mentor a young artist.