father/daughter weekend 2005
The Happy Campers! Palawopec, 2005
Pops and Dan
Hymeleh and Moishele again! 10/03
Father-Son weekend, May/June '03
the_face.jpg (21023 bytes) It's tough to be 4!
Hallo.jpg (61271 bytes) Halloween '98
Gabesq.jpg (124776 bytes) Gabe and the Super Zuchinni, and no we don't live near a nuclear power plant.
Ohmom.jpg (80853 bytes) Oh Mom!
Savan.jpg (46651 bytes) Stinky old Savannah, died at age 17, November 2001
mkp.gif (124306 bytes)

Many thanks brothers!

dad and uncle jerry.GIF (66023 bytes)

Who are these good looking guys? Must be Skipper and Ken! Hymie and Shlomo? No it's just dad and Uncle Jerry

teeth.GIF (92564 bytes) All I want for Hannukah '97 is my two front teeth! Click here for the story of how Hannah lost both teeth at the same time.

me and jim.JPG (41721 bytes)

Believe it or not, this is what we wear to play golf. Every little bit helps!


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